Check your own home and garden thoroughly

Particularly with cats, reptiles, ferrets and other small animals, who can all have genius ways of hiding in almost plain sight!

Spread The Word

Get onto social media and post on your local community pages and any lost and found pet pages that cover your area. Pippa’s Army covers Havering and Thurrock, if you are outside of this area we may be able to signpost you to the correct group.

You should also inform your neighbours and ask them to check their gardens including any sheds and outbuildings they may have.

Update Your Pets Microchip

Microchips are the number 1 reason we are able to reunite so many found pets with their families! So make sure all of the information on there is current and correct so that you can be contacted immediately should we, or anyone else scan your lost pet. You should also register your pet as lost.

Inform Local Vets

Typically, if the finder isn’t aware of lost and found pet groups such as ours, they are likely to take a found pet to a local vet – especially if the animal is injured. Leave a description, preferably a photo, and your contact details with any vets local to the area your pet went missing.